NYSCATE Corporate Council

The NYSCATE Corporate Council was created in 2010, recognizing that many visionary companies are interested in aligning resources for thought leadership. The council continues to evolve and the organization continues to grow. Corporate Council members are companies and startups that share in the mission and vision of NYSCATE in servicing NYS educators. Companies operate in the EdTech marketplace and are seeking to build relationships with educators and education leaders and want to share their expertise. Corporate membership is limited and opens the door to communication and collaboration within the NYSCATE community.

How To Join

Interested in becoming a Corporate Council member? NYSCATE corporate membership is an affordable and effective way for your company to engage with the leaders and decision-makers in the edtech market while gaining critical visibility and enhancing brand awareness. Engaging with NYSCATE as a corporate council member allows your company to:

  • Build relationships with educators
  • Meet marketing objectives
  • Gain valuable intelligence about what’s happening in schools and classrooms
  • Play a vital role in advancing the NYSCATE vision and mission
  • Raise your profile among educators and network with thousands of leaders who are passionate about education technology.
  • NYSCATE Corporate Council was formed based on the ISTE 100 Corporate Membership.

For more information about the Corporate Council, contact Sean McDonough at [email protected]