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APRIL 20204
SchoolStatus is the first unified platform that brings K–12 families, educators, and administrators together to improve student outcomes.  Through integrated, data-driven tools, SchoolStatus simplifies communication and engagement among families, educators, and administrators—making student success a reality.
SchoolStatus, sharing NYSCATE's mission and vision and recognizing the significance of fostering collaboration and communication with New York State educators, joined the Corporate Council to align resources for thought leadership within the education technology landscape. SchoolStatus seeks to build meaningful relationships with educators and educational leaders while sharing its expertise in data analysis and communication tools tailored for K-12 settings. By participating in the Corporate Council, SchoolStatus strives to advance best practices in data cataloging, analysis, and privacy, as outlined by the DATAG mission. This partnership underscores SchoolStatus's commitment to supporting educators in leveraging data to inform and improve attendance, family engagement, and teacher growth, ultimately enhancing student outcomes across New York schools.
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