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Teachers make it relevant.  


 Quizizz is a Learning platform that offers multiple tools to make a classroom fun, interactive and engaging. Educators use Quizizz to create and deliver lessons, assignments, and formative assessments that motivate students to learn. Quizizz is used for all academic subject areas and to support students in all grade levels. Educators love Quizizz because we help find the balance between rigor and engagement and help them save time. Quizizz can be used for live instruction, group and independent practice, and asynchronous assignments. The Quizizz School Plan and the Quizizz District Plan are designed to help enhance student learning and consolidate technology tools. In 2023, Quizizz joined the ITCC and we are available to be purchased through BOCES

Quizizz is on a mission to motivate every student. By joining the NYSCATE Corporate Council, we hope to join a community that helps expand our reach to support every student and every teacher in New York. We aspire to learn the specific goals, needs, and concerns of the New York educational community to ensure that we are providing a learning platform that positively contributes to student outcomes across the state. Attending the 2022 NYSCATE conference allowed us to witness NYSCATE’s incredibly supportive community, and we’re thrilled to now be a part of it.

Contact information  - Jackson Klein, [email protected]; Jon Neale, [email protected]