News you can use from our Corporate Council Member Renaissance.

APRIL 2023

Renaissance joins NSYCATE Corporate Council!

NYSCATE is pleased to announce that Renaissance has joined the Corporate Council for 2023-24!

Renaissance, a leader in pre-K–12 education technology, announces a rebrand and new visual identity reflecting the company’s transformational teacher-led learning ecosystem and demonstrating how the right technology can help educators truly see every student. The new brand identity embraces the company’s almost 40-year history as a leader in pre-K–12 education technology, while taking a fresh and forward-looking approach to the future of Renaissance.

Renaissance is excited to become a part of the Corporate Council in partnership with NYSCATE. It’s an incredible time to be able to collaborate with an organization that mirrors our mission in New York, especially as we enter into a new era as a company and partner.

In a moment when schools and districts in New York are facing significant challenges, Renaissance is rising to help meet those needs- to See Every Student.

For the past 40 years, we were broadly known as a Wisconsin-based company largely focused on K‒12 student reading practice, and in some schools and districts this may still be the perception.

While there are still many elements of our small-town beginnings deep within our DNA, we’ve also grown well beyond this to become a global education technology provider and work alongside educators and leaders to support students throughout New York. Renaissance now serves schools throughout New York state and more than 100 countries with a comprehensive product suite, including:

  • myON, our digital reading platform

  • Freckle, for differentiated practice in math and ELA

  • Star Phonics, a unique phonics screener and diagnostic assessment

  • Lalilo, for foundational literacy instruction and practice

  • Nearpod, for teacher-led instructional delivery

  • FastBridge, an assessment suite for reading, math, and social-emotional behavior

  • eduCLIMBER, for whole child data analysis and reporting

The whole point of our collection of solutions and their dynamic and growing interoperability is to support New York educators in being able to “See Every Student.”

At Renaissance, we want to maximize the time we’re working with our students and helping them grow, while minimizing the time spent on all other tasks. We don’t want technology to take over teaching, however. We want to keep the teacher at the center of the classroom—because Renaissance’s core belief is that technology should always support teachers, and never supplant them.

While the changes to our colors and logo are exciting, we’re even more pleased to share who Renaissance is today with our educators in New York, and the vision we have for the future. This brand transformation and partnership with NYSCATE allows us to re-introduce Renaissance to the world and share how the right technology can unlock a more effective learning experience for students in New York and everywhere across the globe.

At Renaissance, our goal is to help teachers teach better, students learn better, and school administrators lead better.  Our interconnected solutions accurately assess learning and growth, provide insight-driven instruction and practice, and take a whole child approach to data-informed decisions.

Click Here to See a Video about the all new Renaissance.