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Join NYSCATE Corporate Council member Linewize for this inaugural webinar to learn more about their wide-ranging products and services. Linewize is a student safety-focused education technology company committed to protecting every student’s digital journey — at school, home, and everywhere. The Linewize ecosystem is a unique response to the challenge of today’s connected learning environments. During this session, you’ll learn how five core Linewize products work together to protect student welfare and wellness in the modern K-12 education space.

A Student Safety-First Organization Making a Difference in Education


The Linewize ecosystem is a unique response to the challenge of today’s connected learning environments. During this session, you’ll learn how five core Linewize products work together to protect student welfare and wellness in the modern K-12 education space. Each solution enables schools to better:

  • Maintain student safety and identify vulnerable youth

  • Protect the mental well-being of students

  • Create a positive learning environment for optimal academic success

  • Empower students to become better digital citizens

  • Cultivate a culture of inclusion, support, and gratitude

Overall, the Linewize product suite helps districts maintain regulatory compliance, reduce administrative overhaul, safeguard students, and engage positively with parent communities.

Join Teodora Pavkovic and Jordan VanDyke of Linewize as they will share how to gain insight into students' online safety, well-being, and mental health in the United States.  We'll learn about the products that make up Linewize's holistic student support system and discover how their comprehensive suite of student digital safety and well-being solutions can help you meet your goals and regulatory obligations.  Attendees will also learn how Linewize products make it easier to build a community-based approach to online safety and well-being and gain ideas on how their tech- and community-based solutions can fit into your district's existing frameworks and policies.

Teodora Pavkovic - Director of Global Research and Advocacy, Linewize

Teodora is the Director of Global Research and Advocacy at Linewize, where she leverages her decade-plus of experience as a psychologist, parenting coach, and digital wellness practitioner to provide guidance and advice to parents, teachers, and school administrators on topics concerning mental health, responsible and safe use of technology, tech ethics, parenting in the digital age and child development. A prominent figure in the global digital wellness community, Pavkovic is a member of the American and British psychological associations and an advisory board member of several educational and mental health organizations. She has dedicated herself to helping people preserve and protect their well-being and relationships in this increasingly digital world and is a sought-after public speaker, thought leader, and media expert who has spoken at conferences like Mozilla Festival, TEDx, and Human After All.

Jordan VanDyke - Vice President of Sales, Linewize

Jordan is a seasoned professional with over ten years of experience in the technology industry, specifically specializing in filtering solutions. As the Vice President of Sales at Linewize, a leading technology company, Jordan brings a wealth of expertise and a deep understanding of the educational landscape.  Throughout his career, Jordan has dedicated himself to helping school districts successfully introduce and integrate technology for the benefit of their students. His passion lies within the K-12 space, where he firmly believes that technology can make a significant difference in shaping the lives of young learners.

Jordan is known for his ability to cultivate and maintain strategic relationships. He has established strong ties with influential groups like the NYSCATE Corporate Council, leveraging these connections to stay ahead of industry trends and advocate for effective technological solutions in education.

At Linewize, Jordan's primary focus is on building true partnerships with school districts. He understands that true transformation happens when technology adoption is coupled with collaborative efforts and shared goals. Jordan is committed to working closely with districts, understanding their unique challenges, and tailoring solutions to meet their needs.  His vision extends beyond mere sales targets; he genuinely aims to impact students' lives positively. Through his unwavering dedication and deep-rooted belief in the power of technology, Jordan strives to empower school districts to provide enhanced learning experiences and prepare students for a successful future in the digital age.

Audience:  Tech Directors, Network Administrators, Instructional Technology, Safety Officers, Counselors, Superintendent/Assistant Superintendent, Student Mental Health and Wellness Coordinator, Director of Student Services

Upon registration, you will then receive a Zoom meeting invite to connect to the webinar prior to the event.  The session will be recorded and available for review for all registered attendees.

If you have any questions about the webinar, please email Sean McDonough at [email protected].

10/17/2023 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Eastern Daylight Time
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