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MAY 2023

Book Creator's 10 Ideas to Support Play-Based Learning Over the Summer

The Summer break is right around the corner and although the break from school is very welcome, we can also encourage play-based learning without kids even realizing they are learning. Research shows that play-based learning is boosted when children choose their own activities based on their interests and passions and Book Creator is the perfect tool for them to showcase their explorations, performances and reflections. Kids can record their creative ideas, film themselves acting out scenes, make a cookbook or even keep a journal of the movies and books they enjoyed to demonstrate their learning over summer in a fun way.

Check out 10 ideas to get you started here!

MARCH 2023

BookWidgets joins Corporate Council!

With BookWidgets, teachers can create an endless number of interactive activities and auto-graded assignments using over 40 unique widgets and 30+ different question types. All teachers from all subject areas and grades can use BookWidgets!

Teachers can easily integrate BookWidgets inside their learning management system. The integration enables teachers to follow student progress in real time when they are working on a BookWidgets assignment. This way, teachers can quickly guide their students in the right direction when they need help.

BookWidgets is being used by teachers all over the world for both summative and formative evaluation. The grading dashboard allows teachers to review student work efficiently and easily give comprehensive feedback.

BookWidgets can provide teachers in New York an easy-to-use content creation tool which not only integrates seamlessly with Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams and most other learning management systems but also will save them time with creating, grading, providing feedback and more.  

BookWidgets joined the NYSCATE (New York State Association for Computers and Technologies in Education) Corporate Council for several reasons, including connecting with teachers and other edtech companies, influence, learning and understanding case use in educator’s classrooms. 

Connecting: Educator voice is very important to our company culture.  We are looking to build our connections to the New York (and larger) educator community.  We want to connect and support educators not only through the NYSCATE Corporate Council, but also via our social media channels, webinars, product demos, conference attendance and conversations around teaching and learning.  We want to see the broader picture from the NYSCATE community of educators. 

Networking: BookWidget is looking to build relationships and partnerships with schools and other edtech companies.  By joining the NYSCATE Corporate Council, we are looking forward to  connecting and networking with other education technology companies and educators in New York state.

Influence: We believe that the NYSCATE Corporate Council is a platform for companies to have a voice in education policy and practice in New York state. The BookWidgets team is looking forward to hearing from education decision makers and participating in discussions around all things education. 

Learning: Our team is constantly learning.  Being a member of the NYSCATE Corporate Council can provide BookWidgets with opportunities to learn about the latest trends and best practices in education technology. We are looking forward to attending and learning at events, conferences, webinars, and discussions that will help BookWidgets stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field. Additionally, we are always looking to learn from our most important users - educators.  We want to hear their classroom stories and receive feedback from them so that we can provide an optimal product. 

Educators’ Case Use:  The BookWidgets team is invested in understanding and learning about educators’ classroom practice.  They know what is best for their classroom and we will work hard to listen to their needs, accept their feedback and improve our product to be the best it can be.

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