How Language Impacts Learning Online Course

Language Impacts Learning
This online course is worth 5 CTLE Hours. The focus of this course is to provide educators with the understanding on how to make content comprehensible for ELLs/MLLs.

Course Purpose

Objective 1: Participants will understand key research and concepts that support instruction of ELLs, such as Comprehensible Input, Scaffolded Supports and Home Language Supports

Objective 2: Participants will identify key strategies to support ELLs in Content Area classes

Objective 3: Participants will have understanding of ways to increase student engagement and connections, thereby develop stronger relationships with ELLs online.

List of Modules

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Research & Concepts That Support Instruction of ELLs/MLLs

Module 3: Key Strategies to Support ELLs/MLLs in Content Area Classes

Module 4: Classroom Practices to Support ELL/MLL Learners

Module 5: Increase Student Engagement & Connections with ELLs/MLLs Online

Final Course Assignment

Additional Resources

Final Module: Get Your Digital Badge and Certificate

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